Guangxin Group (Guangdong Guangxin Holdings Group Ltd.) is a provincial state-owned enterprise. It was formerly known as Guangdong Foreign Trade Corporation, and has now transformed into a competitive international conglomerate with distinct industry chains and the power of integrating international resources.     Recent years have witnessed its development in its “Three Main Scope of Business”, namely, strategic emerging industry, modern service industry and mining, metal smelting and processing industry. Guangxin Group’s business covers the fields of alternative energy, advanced materials, biological medicine, high-end equipment manufacturing, IT, merging, supply chain management, retail and wholesale, e-commerce, advertising, modern logistics, futures, mining, nonferrous rolling, ferrous metal smelting and processing, and etc. Guangxin Group has 24 subordinated companies and 30,000 employees, controlling and holding shares of 8 domestic and overseas listed companies. The Group owns 5 Chinese Famous Brands, 5 Chinese Top Brands, 17 Famous Trade Brands of Guangdong, and 5 Famous Product of Guangdong,  i.e. Pearl River Bridge,  Star Lake, PACO, SL,  Xingfa Aluminum, HG, to name but a few. Furthermore, Guangxin Group is in charge of 7 state-level technology R & D centers and postdoctoral research centers and the intellectual property of 342 state patents. In the year of 2015, Guangxin Group was ranked as the 191st. among the Top 500 Corporations of China and the 22nd. among the Top 500 Corporations of Guangdong Provinces, and the 72nd. on the list of China Top 100 Multinational Enterprises and Index released by the China Enterprise Confederation (CEC). Guangxin Group also won the Guangzhou Most Innovative Headquarter Prize in the same year. For 2015-2016, Guangxin Group has become one of the Pilot E-commerce Enterprise in Guangdong and even in China.  In adhere with its philosophy of “Investment and Acquisition, Strategic Management, Innovative Operation, and Creating Value for and with all Stakeholders”, Guangxin will strive to develop its leading industry to create more points of growth, build a innovative holding group, and thus become a remarkable value appreciation center. Looking ahead, Guangxin Group will stand at a new historical point and strive for more distinguished achievements so as to create more valuable and better futures for its cooperators and customers.

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